White Label Label MusicJogger Wireless tooth Stereo Headphones : So much for so little

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It arrived on a sunday quicker than originally advised it would do. I put it on charge as soon as it was unpacked not taking the full advised charge before being fully charged. Then on trying to connect to an mp3 player the connection was very quick. Connection was made quick on a tablet and two mp3 players that i have tried so far. Once connected it sounded good enough for me each time. Controls easy to work and fitted comfortably. Unable to comment on telephone use as i am one of the few that doesn’t have a mobile phone. This was supplied to me at a reduced price for me to try and report about. Worth getting at normal price.

1 negative is that it doesn’t always connect first time to my iphone 6s and i often have to disconnect from phone then reconnect.

Great sound and really comfortable to wear. Bought these for my husband but kept them myself.

Good sized earphones and fit great. Bought for my daughter who has a habit of breaking earphones almost as soon as they touch her ears but this has a sturdier feel. Sound quality is good enough for most activities and feels and sounds like a much more expensive set. I received this product at a discount rate for an honest review.

Features of WhiteLabel MusicJogger Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, Headphone, Sport Headset, Music Streaming, Noise Reduction Handsfree Voice Calling-Metal Gray

CSR Bluetooth 4.0 chipset, ensure high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech via Noise reduction

Very good product and delivered on time.

Reliable, great battery life, and sound quality as good as headphones numerous times the price. The only pair you’ll ever need.

Transformed mybgym experience.

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Sounds great but bought it for when i am at the gym and it falls out of your ear quite easily.

These headphones have wonderful sound quality and being bluetooth they are good for any occasion, the range is also excellent further than any of my other bluetooth equipment, the only downside i have with them is that as they are jogger headphones i can’t get them to fit very well and they are quite big for my daughter, reading the other reviews everyone else says they fit really well so maybe it’s just me who is doing something wrong. But sat down listening to my music or language learning they are greatreviewed for amz reviews bought at a discounted price.

When it comes to headphones, i have an almost fetish-like collection. They’re my guilty pleasure, and, despite having just the one head, i just can’t resist buying them when the opportunity arises. I’ve had these headphones for the best part of a year now, and they’re still my ‘go-to’ pair. Not only are they versatile – i use them on the way to work/jogging/at home – they have a good, solid sound, and a very decent battery life. Though i listen to music a lot, it can sometimes be a couple of weeks between charges. As opposed to most in-ear pairs, the sound is full, with plenty of bass, and not tinny in the slightest. On the way to work, the voice function is useful for making calls. Whilst jogging, they stay in place and never move at all. In both situations, the buttons to the side make it easy to change volume and tracks. I’ve never had any connection problems – no audio break up – and they’ve even survived some pretty torrential downpours.

The smartest way to listen to your favorite tunes on the go, without missing any important calls.

Have had a pair of these phones for over a year. Great for listening to audiobooks on dog walks. This is a second pair for my partner. The phone integration is a delight. No struggling to retrieve phone from depths of bag/clothing, just press the centre button and start your conversation.

I have never had bluetooth headphones before and was really impressed with these. Like another reviewer, it took me a couple of seconds to realise how to wear them but i love not having a strap across my head. I feel like these are less likely to fall off. It takes a little while to remember which button is which when you are wearing them. Ideally i think the symbols should be raised so you can navigate by touch. They work great as a handsfree set with my iphone. Very clear sound and the mic (wherever that may be hidden) seems to be of good quality. I love how small they fold up and that they come with a carry pouch to protect them in my handbag. I removed a star though because i find them hard to use when wearing glasses. This is because they hook over your ears and the arms of my glasses do not allow the headphones to sit as comfortably as they do when i am not wearing glasses.

Volume a little low than i would like however great fitting and comfortable.

The neat fit behind-the-head design eliminates troublesome wires tangling during your workout.

No wires and easy connection. I find them a bit quiet, but i am an old bloke. Downloaded a volume booster and they are great.

I have never had bluetooth headphones before so i was looking forward to trying these out for the first time and i was not disappointed, i am really impressed with these. After a couple of seconds working out on how to wear them they felt really light and secure to wear and i love the fact that they do not strap across the top of the head. After i got use to the navigating the buttons i have to say that i was surprised how crystal clear the sound was. There seems to be a fantastic battery life with these headphones, i charged them 4 days ago and they are still going under this charge, very impressed. The headphones are light to wear and look very neat. I love the way they fold down to pocket size so that they fit into the carry pouch which comes with them. The range for maintain a clear clarity of sound is about 10 yards but it is still good further than that though with slightly less clarityoverall a great productplease note that i received this product at a discount in return for my honest and unbiased opinion as given above.

The product is light and comfortable. I own a few bluetooth headphone and the sound quality of this one is the best. Only minor issue for me is if you wear this when sleeping then it is not very comfortable. However this is not what this is designed for.

Clear voice reception with no lag. Light on the ear for long time use. Good bluetooth reception distance. Try these before you spend more .

Sleek, comfortable, lightweight design with up to 20 hours working time

These are better than i imagined they would be very good.

The sound quality was very good as you would expect from the size of speakers , and the controls were also very easy to use. But unfortunately i just couldn’t get them to stay put , because as i turned my head the hard connecting strap kept pushing the phones off my ears. Maybe i’ve got the wrong shaped nape to my neck?. I sadly had to return them for a refund.

Ythey last ages, go quite loud and and comfy.

No pouch it instructions in box, very comfy very good sound and are very stable.

As a bluetooth headset novice, i previously ordered a pair of headphones where the instructions where in chinese and would not stay in my ears anyway, so where sent back,as i did not have a clue how to set them up. But these are a totally different kettle of fish. They arrived quickly and well packaged, came with a clear,concise instruction booklet (even i could understand it) paired with my phone in seconds and i was good to go. The sound quality is excellent. I found them comfy to wear and stayed put on my ears. I did not purchase these to run or exercise in but i took them with me on my very long dog walks and discovered the joys of listening (maybe a bit of singing and dancing when no one was looking) to my music as i went along. I also did my housework wearing them, much to the relief of my partner, who didn’t have to listen along with me. Although i had the chance to purchase these at a discount in exchange for an honest and frank review i can honestly say i would recommend these to all. They also came with a handy drawstring bag to keep them safe when not it use.

¬†love the colour and looks. The best thing about this product is its portability easier to put in a small bag and not to be concern about the bending of the headphone and breaking and plus it comes with a classy looking pouch you can fold the head phones and put it in the pouch. Love the quality of sound and connectivity. I still haven’t check the music time so not sure it gives you exactly 6 hr of music time. Over all loving the product would rate it 9 out of 10 the best head phones i have used so far plus i got is cheaper then the original price so i am pretty happy about it.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm ; 72.6 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 132 g
  • Item model number: BSH10C
  • ASIN: B016ZEAM2A

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