SyndeRay tooth Headset : This is a great headset. It tells you when the phone is

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 i bought this at a reduced price for an honest review, please see my unboxing and product testing to show how i got on in real time. Now i have another well known branded version of this headset, it cost well over double the price though, so i am basing this review on a comparison between the 2. Very nicely laid out box, minimal packaging (unlike the other company who uses a mixture of cardboard and acrylic). The headset comes in a small bubble wrap pouch and there are instructions (english & chinese), a miscro usb charging cable, an extra ear piece for the opposite ear to listen in on the call and spare ear buds. The look of the device is almost identical with only a few differences, first being the micro usb located toward the bottom of the device, below the on/off switch. This is used to connect the charging cable and the additional earpiece. On the other brand, this area is used as a ‘snap on’ magnetic charging point. The microphone end is slightly more ‘gloss black’ than the other branded device which has more of a matte look. Apart from these 2 differences, it looks identicalthe software inside the product is more basic than the higher priced device and gives some talking but not as much as the other which kind of explained/gave sounds to each button you pressed.

Not as expected but yeah reccomendable.

I bought this headset to replace the terrible one i had previously (which i reviewed a few weeks ago) and it works far betteri’ve been using it for calls only but it works perfectly in both microphone quality (i asked the people i have spoken to and they said they could hear me just as clearly as they do when i talk through the phones mic) and also speaker quality. *i use headset with my iphone 6*included in the box was:headsetextra earphone (plugs in to micro usb port which is also the headset charging port)large and small ear moulds (2 of each)charging cable (micro usb)the functions on the headset are:power buttonvolume/track (music) + and -call buttonsiri buttonthe build quality of the headset is very good. The ‘over the ear’ part is made of silicone, the mouthpiece is a mix of both plastic and metal and the ear moulds are also made of thin silicone/rubber. The headset is very comfortable to wear and, because of the over the ear part being made of soft silicone, doesn’t rub or irritate my ear. The option to have an extra earphone is a brilliant idea and not one i have seen before. It means that you can also use the headset like headphones and listen to your music/watch videos etc. Another great function which i also haven’t seen is the siri or ‘voice control’ button. This is such a handy function to have and means i will be able to ask siri to make a note/email etc without having to take my phone out of my handbagthis is a great headset and i highly recommend it as i love iti have received this item for at a discounted price in exchange for a review. In order for me to receive a product at a discount i have a specified timeframe in which to write a review (usually 10 days) therefore, i post a review and then update it if my opinion of a product changes. I rely heavily on reviews before i buy a product so i feel that, even though i have received the item at a discounted rate, i should be no less than honest and truthful in my reviews.

I was in need of a bluetooth headset that would work with my phone, as i don’t like dealing with the trailing wires and am quite hard on them and tend to break them easily. A bluetooth set would mean i am not tethered and can even keep my phone in my pocket without worrying if i’m going to break the wire. In addition i wanted a headset as opposed to a double set of earphones because the other type seem to fall out easily regardless of the size of the earbud. This set contained the headset, usb charging cable and replacement ear buds as well as a connecting earbud that is optional and will provide a stereo experience while listening to music. There is no software to install, it is simple plug and play. I paired it with my phone and it worked straight away no problem. I can answer calls using the button on the side, it has a lot of buttons but these are easy to get used to. There is an on off switch, a plus minus slider for your track and volume and on the microphone there is another button for accepting/rejecting calls. The sound is very good quality and can handle pretty much anything you listen to. When you get a call, the music is interrupted automatically and the call volume is also fine.

Features of Bluetooth Headset, SyndeRay V8 HD Stereo Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone for Apple IPhone 6,plus,5,5s,5c,4s,4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S4 S5, LG, PC Laptop and All Android Windows Bluetooth Devices-retail Packaging

ENJOY CLEAR CONVERSATIONS ON BOTH ENDS OF THE CALL: SyndeRay Tech Bluetooth Headset contains Clear Voice Capture CSR’s own echo cancellation and noise suppression DSP software technology for enhancing the audio quality of wireless products.

Easy setup and easy to use, much better than the £80 unit it replaced.

This we hands free was just what i was looking for. Thank you to the person who sold it to me and to amazon.

Extremely useful bit of kit, the dual ear capacity is very handy, thanks to our uk laws i have to wear one all day and being able to rest an ear is good as i find any bluetooth earpiece irratates after a few hours. . I am partially deaf, hearing damage. So i would have liked a higher volume level, otherwise a good piece of kit.

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Brilliant bluetooth headset well worth the money clear sound and comterble 2 the ear.

I don’t know if i have really small ears or something but i just cannot get along with this as i just falls off my ear and i can’t adjust it enough to fit. It works very clearly when i old it i place though so if it were adjustable, it would be perfect.

Fantastic and works very well.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PHONES THAT ARE BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Apple, BlackBerry By RIM, Cal-Comp, Danger, HP, HP Palm, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, PCD, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, UTStarcom, ZTE

The device itself is excellent and great value. . But the printed instructions are atrocious. Without too much effort the chinglish-wording can be worked out but the explanation is poor and the printing of the diagram is atrocious (magnified is even worse). Fortunately there is quite a long video in the amazon reviews which explains how to use it and it was only in that video was it made clear that the ‘call’ button was at the end of the microphone arm and not the button on top of it.I note that the instruction leaflet in the video looks a lot more extensive and better printed than the scrap-paper in my kit so that is something the manufacturer needs to revisit to improvebut the item works really well, looks good quality, is very comfortable and is a great price for what it is – hence my 5 star rating.

When this worked it was better than any previous bluetooth headset i had, the problem i had with bluetooth headsets was getting them to stay in my ear and this didn’t cause that problem. Unfortunately by december it was turning itself off then on again despite being fully charged. It got to the point this was unusable as it would keep turning itself off then on, even during a call. In the end, i threw this into the bin.

Works just good as a plan———–.

FEATURING SIMPLE PAIRING TECHNOLOGY, the headset automatically pairs with the closest Bluetooth-enabled device.

It tells you when the phone is connected, how much talk time is left and allows multiple pairing to 2 devices. Its easy to wear and never caused a problem. Could not manage without it.

Separate power mute and volume buttons provide easy access and control

Product information

  • Boxed-product Weight: 99.8 g
  • Item model number: V8
  • ASIN: B0124AFDSC

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