Sony DR-BT21G Bluetooth Headphones : I’ve had these headphones before and love them, the sound is brilliant

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Very comfy fitting headphones. Loads of functions neatly packed onto the right earpiece. This item works great when paired with sony bluetooth transmitter tmr-bt8ip. I’m so impressed with how easily they worked with the iphone. Can change track, fast forward, rewind, volume up/down, answer calls. Walk 30 feet with very little loss of signal. 0 kicks in at the summer then i can ditch the transmitter mentioned above and use iphone’s built-in bluetooth.

Internal battery died after ~2 years of using them, don’t know how to fix them now.

I love these headphones, got them free with my bluetooth mp3 player. Unfortunately i lost sound in one ear after a year and i think they are pretty expensive to replace.

The best set of chargeable bluetooth headphones i’ve ever had. The charge lasts for not hours, nor days nor weeksmonths. I’m not kidding i like my music and films, they take a few hours to fully charge (2-3hrs) and i use them every day for hours.

Features of Sony DR-BT21G Bluetooth Headphones

Type: Neckband headphones

I bought these to replace an existing pair of sony dr bt 21 g headphones which i accidently left behind at the gym – and of course were gone when i tried to get them back. The pair i lost i had been using regularly for over 4 years between the gym and going out running, and were still going strongi originally got them with my sony nwz-a826kb bluetooth walkman (still working) but have used them with a number of bluetooth devices from mp3 players, phones and my laptop, and have never had an issue getting them to connect. They work excellent with sony xperia mobile phones (which means they should be fine with all android devices basically) and, of course, iphones. Also worked fine with nokia lumia 800, so should also be fine with all windows phones. The sound quality is excellent and they are extremely comfortable. When out on my runs, i have been caught in the rain a number of times and, although not advertised as water resistant, heavy rain has never been an issue for them either. The battery life was in the region of 10 to 12 hours, even after 4 years use (which ties up well with the 11 hours that was stated at the time i bought the original pair). It’s just a shame sony has stopped producing these and don’t appear to offer a direct replacement. In the mean time though, i’m sure i’ll get another 4 years+ out of this replacement pair. Provided i don’t leave them somewhere again.

I have had these babies for 1 month now. I have connected them with my lenovo n100 laptop, with my two nokias (6230i and 6500 slide) and my wife’s sony ericsson v630i. Easy to connect, good sound delivery, and very practical switches on the set (power on/off, volume +/-, rew/ff, call on/off and mic incorporated). I used them to listen to music, to speak over the phone, to speak and listen during instant messaging calls. The only thing i would improve is the music sound quality, which can not compare with wired headphones (i guess it’s something the guys at bluetooth need to work on). But hey, for a bluetooth device, it’s first class.

I’ve had these headphones before and love them, the sound is brilliant. Bluetooth works well for skiing , fishing and in the car. It will cut out now and again till you know which pocket to put your device in, its better then wires. Battery life is very good, controls on the head set are easy to use, volume, next and last track, fast forward, make and receive phone calls.

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These have stood the test of time for me. There is a little hiss betweens songs and the bass could be a little tighter but for the size, weight and convenience i think these are fantastic. They work well in phone calls, although you will have to speak up for the microphone to pick up your voice properly. The track control/play/pause et. Work really well with my htc touch hd. These headphones have a sort of sleep mode, so if your player doesn’t respond try pressing the pause button and they should hook up again in a second or two. 5 stars if they could be charged from a standard usb cable instead of requiring a custom charger.

The sony dr bt 21 g costs about £65 new, is pretty comfortable and works well, but they have a quality control problem. The first pair that i bought only worked on one side. The second just stopped working and wouldn’t recharge juuuuust after the guarantee expired. It’s possible that i just got unlucky, of course, but i’d be very wary about buying these again, at least not unless i bought them from a very reputable dealer and with a five year guarantee. Another potential issue (which i didn’t run into because they broke before then) is that the foam pads appear to be the same as on a similar pair of sony wired headphones that i have. Those have, over the course of about 5 or 6 years, completely disintegrated.

Having acquired several pairs(see my nickname), of these fantastic bluetooth headphones over the past few yearsthrough straight purchase or bundled with sony bluetooth walkman mp3 players, i have tried them in every conceivable application. Pair them with your mobile and not only can you listen to any music on your phone and control volume track and pause , but if you receive a call you can usually accept it and speak via the built in mic on this headset. On holiday in corfu last month these were used on the plane the beach and the hotel room on various media players laptops and my wife’s samsung tab to watch films hear music etc. All with no annoying wires to consider all the time. Finally the battery life seems to stretch towards infinity (thanks to buzz lightyear). There’s no reason i can think of to use any other ‘phones unless you have a love of dangly awkward wires hanging around your neck/body(and that’s just weird).

Magnet: Neodymium

Got what i wanted for a very less price. It is still working & whole family is using it, no complains.

I have it paired with my pc, phones and mac. Its a shame my mac book outputs a low quality bluetooth signal. With all other device superb sound and good connectivity. The hands free is not as good outdoors in windy conditions but you cant expect much from a mic this far from the source of sound and without a windbreaker. It might look a bit flimsy at the joints but ive had my for about a year and a bit and its going strong. Battery life is about two and a half days with a lot of use (communting for about 1 1/2 a day and having it paired most of the working day and listening to music here and there during the day) your phone battery will die before this does.

Sound quality is good for music (for the piece and in that they are bluetooth and open ear) however best sound quality i’ve had on bt headphones at this price point so far. Call quality fine abit of a background buzzy but heard caller and vice virsa no issue. (not great for long convos)bluetooth connectivity good and battery good so far. Other then it would have been good if they were packed to be fitted through with letter box.

Membrane: 30mm

These were fantastic headphones, unfortunately i lost mine a few months back after owning them for 4 or 5 years and they were still going strong.

Great set of headphones; my 3rd pair and my 2nd from this buyer.

Frequency response: 14-24.000Hz

Product information

  • Item Weight: 63.5 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 440 g
  • Item model number: DR-BT21G
  • ASIN: B000RZEK4K

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