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These head phones work really well for me as long as i don’t wear them for too long. After about 45 minutes the fittings hurt my ears. I have smallears and often have a problem with head phones and the wires that go around the back cause some soreness. The alternative way of fixing them- small rubber wing shown in the picture is too big for my ears. The only other problem i have found is that they do disengage from my phone momentarily if i am moving quickly. They do hold their charge quite well when charged regulary.

I ordered these headphones to pair to my ipod, which they do perfectly. I’ve never had any problem with the distance for the bluetooth connection (as a test, i left my ipod in one room of my flat, and walked to other rooms – never lost connection). The headphones provide decent sound – not amazing quality – but certainly more than above standard for the price i paid, and considering i only use them for sports use. The actual headphone is great for running – it comes with 2 ear pieces you can attach for a better hold. They sit snug in my ear, and i never have to re-adjust whilst running. Mega stars for that, as i’ve always struggled to find headphones that won’t move while exercising. Not entirely sure of the charge life – i do have to tend to charge them each night before use – but as long as i have done that, they seem to last for the day so i’ve not encountered problems with them running out of power (so long as i remember to charge them)overall a great set of sports headphones at a great price – couldn’t be happier.

I was grateful for the helpful answers to the questions i asked before purchasing these headphones. I have been using them nearly 2 months now & am delighted with them. The sound quality is superb, as is the noise reduction & fit. Music playback & some call time gives on average 6+. They do have to be switched off for charging but at under 2 hrs for a recharge, this isn’t too long. They are light & comfortable & easy to wear with the joy of being free of snagging wires.

I am very pleased with these earphones. They are easy to pair with your devices (in my case a samsung galaxy s5 and a google nexus 7) and hold a reasonable charge (about 6 hours of playtime). Also, the case that comes with them is well made and sturdy. When i ordered these earphones, i was concerned that the wire connecting the two ear pieces would not be long enough. I haven’t got a large head (well, i don’t think so), but the wire in the photograph doesn’t look very long at all. If you were thinking the same,don’t worry. The photograph is just a little misleading. You actualy have just over 2 feet of wire between the ear pieces (and a tiny clip to shorten the length if you wish). I like these earphones so much that i have just ordered a second pair.

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* Compatible with all devices with Bluetooth e.g.

After trying several other types of blue tooth headphones i was beginning to wonder if there were any decent ones out there, then i stumbled across these and i have to say i find them superb, great sound quality, good battery life and not many drop outs from the connection, comfortable to wear with several different size attachments to fit your ears correctly, all in all a great product at a very reasonable price, would recommend to anyone looking for a decent pair of headphones.

I bought these headphones for running as i find the lead from my usual ‘phones get in the way. Overall i’m happy with the product, and they come at a good price, bar a few problems – especially sound quality – which is why i’ve given them three stars. Fit – everyone’s ears are different but i find these fit fine and stay in for running. They come with numerous clips for getting a good fit if they don’t work so well for your ears. Bluetooth – connects and works fine with my iphone 4s. When running, i need to have my phone on the right hand side of my body otherwise the signal is blocked. This is clearly stated in the instructions and isn’t really a problem for me. Battery – seems fine, easily does a few hours between charges. Comes with a usb lead for charging. Noise reduction – not bad, i can hear the music but still can hear traffic so good when crossing the road.

This is my first pair of bluetooth headphones. They come with a useful case holding the headphones and charger cord. I use them at the gym and they are great, freeing me from having a wire dangling about. If i haven’t got any pockets i can leave the phone to one side and still get great reception. In the first couple of days i had to play around with the various fittings to get a good comfortable fit. The only negative is that in certain places with hard walls the sound breaks up if i move more than two or three meters away. For example in a squash court if i’m doing some circuit training. I suspect this problem is the same for all bluetooth headsets so i’m happy to rate 4 stars.

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These were initially a pain to to get in my ears but after a little fiddling with supplied hooks i got a pretty good seal. They were easy to pair up with my iphone and the sound quality is pretty good, perfectly adequate for a workout in the gym.

Hmmmm, not the greatest if i’m honest, glad they were at a reduced price as they’re definitely not worth the rrp. The only way i could get them to stay in was with the over ear hooks and largest buds, it was a little uncomfortable and still the left one kept slipping out. However, the worst thing is the range of the bluetooth. When i was running, every time my arm swings backwards, it cuts out. I had to resort to wearing my phone on my forearm, and even then sometimes, having to keep my arm infront of me. Other than that, the one thing i will say is that the sound quality is still very good, and the touch controls are easy to use.

Respectable sound for these, and have gotten used to the modest weight of these whilst running/exercising. Charging is slightly awkward as it requires a non-standard usb cable (which is included) but is rarely used for any other sort of usb device. Biggest issue is that after a year of use, the battery life on these is between 90 minutes and maybe two hours. While i don’t expect a full day of use from these, this is a deterioration from when i received them (approx. This is just for listening to music via an htc m8. The bluetooth connection is decent, but does cut out occasionally if, for example, outside and phone is in my trouser pocket.

* With 3 different sizes ear fins, ear tips and ear hooks you can guarantee they’ll stay in your ears no matter what you are doing

Other reviews have covered this product pretty well. I’ve used them with a galaxy s3 phone & briefly with a third gen. A useful selection of pads & clips, the in-ear clips are an excellent idea holding the phones securely, much better than the external over the ear clip on my £200 plus sennheiser ie 80s. Neutrals: nice case but far too bulky for every day use & it’s not necessary to carry the selection of pads & clips around. Downsides: the major one is the use of “mini-micro” usb plug rather than a micro one which is almost universal these days; an extra lead to carry. Range limited i guess this helps battery life, fine in the gym. The instructions are a bit spare – they don’t say how to turn them off (hold the main button down) or if they turn off automatically if no signal detected (no idea yet, will need to test).

Was looking for jabra wireless but when i read the reviews i started to look for other options and i found this for 1/3 of the jabra price. For the price they have been fantastic. I have been using them for a month now while in the gym, out running etc. The handsfree function is also very good. Easy to pair with iphone, ipad and macbook.

The sound on these earphones are so much better than my wired earphones which costed me £34. These are my first wireless earphones and the bass is nice, audio is clear and louder, there is a volume button on the side and power button on the right earphone where you can easily pair with a bluetooth enabled device and it pairs quick. I havd tested the distance and if i leave my media device in the living room, i can walk in to the kitchen and as far as outside the kitchen door, which adds up to indeed 10 metres like the description stated. After 10 metres, the connection will be lost until you go back within the range and it automatically connnects back. Came well packaged and on time.

* The X-Fit has an integrated microphone and handy controls. Handsfree calling is easy.

I bought these headphones for a couple of reasons; firstly because i have a treadmill with an ipad mounted above and the small bluetooth speaker i use for that isn’t loud enough to overcome the noise of the treadmill. Secondly, i run outdoors a fair amount too, and while i use a cable tidy, i do find that headphone wires can be a nuisance. Treadmill use – pairing to the ipad was simple, the different sizes of earbuds provided helped to ensure a good fit to reduce the noise of the treadmill. The sound is really good and there’s no loss of signal at any point. If this was the only purpose i used it for, this product would get five stars. Outdoor use – the first time i used these outdoors, i was really frustrated at the loss of signal. The headphones were paired with my iphone. The bluetooth receiver must be in the right ear because i would lose signal every time i looked slightly left. My iphone was in a pocket in the back of my running tights, so central to my body. The next time i used them, i wore shorts with a specific mp3 device pocket on the left thigh.

Ok where to start – the product comes well packaged and looks nice and professional. The instructions are clear if not in a particularly great order which slows you down a fraction, but if like me your a bit computer orientated you could set these up without instructions. They are simple to connect to your iphone (iphone 5 is what i have) and i was connected in seconds. They came with some charge so no waiting for two or three hours to try them out. The price is reasonable for this item. Unlike my other items you can connect each time straight away without having to plug them into power so i was real happy with this. I looked up fitting earbuds this time and the goods came with three different ways of securing i. Three different size rubber ear buds, three sizes of internal ear supports and a set of external ear hooks so brilliant on that score. Still though i never seem to get the ideal fit, but they do, by and large, stay in the ear most of the time.

Took some time to decide which wireless headset to go for as reviews were very mixed. These earphones paired with my ipod first time no problems and very easily. Quality of sound is very good given the price of these is very reasonable. It takes a bit of practice to find right combination of buds to get best fit. There is a good choice of buds and accessories to find right fit and once you have this set up correctly they are comfy and can take a fair amount of movement before dislodging. I have tested the range and can move up to 12 foot away before signal is disrupted. Delivery was prompt and i am very happy with purchase.

* You’ll be amazed at the sound and it proves great things really do come in small packages

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 2 cm ; 699 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 18.1 g
  • Item model number: X-Fit
  • ASIN: B00C70J2RS

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The battery life is great i use them in the gym and the battery last for more than 8 hours. Only down fall is that it can fall out if knocked.
The battery life is great i use them in the gym and the battery last for more than 8 hours. Only down fall is that it can fall out if knocked.
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