Liquid Image Ego HD 1080P WiFi Action Video Camera -, Doesn’t Work With Android -it’s Apple only

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Absolutely love this little action cam. I use this for go-karting and cycling, and it does a fantastic job of quality footage. Normally with some go pros, there is a lot of shake in the footage but with this there is a lot less. I also love the wifi feature of this product. It comes in especially helpful when i want to check i the camera is at the right angle before i start filming. For an example of this in use when i am karting check my youtube channel: jnrtkm14. Advise this product to anyone.

First get the firmware update to avoid 30 minute limits on video capture. Has been mounted on my car, motorcycle and bike and gives excellent results. Mounted on bird table to capture birdsmounted on bush to capture butterflies. Time lapse function needs you to filter images using windows explorer to strip out thumbnails and order the images, especially as they span two directories or more if you run more than 1000 images but gives great cloud movements or sunset time lapse sequences using windows movie maker at 0. 1 images per sec speed settings. I do time lapses of people/places with no problemtake a 2 hour video from a motor vehicle and speed up film with movie maker to get a super speed version, very cool. I got the full waterproof housing off ebay for about £22 which gives you full outdoor capability. 720 setting is fine for most things, 1080 for wildlife. Works brilliantly from the app via my iphone, galaxy s3 and ipad3 for remote photos and remote triggering of video.

Liquid Image Ego HD 1080P WiFi Action Video Camera – Red

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  • Highly adaptable, mountable Full 1080P HD action camera;Wi-Fi enabled to work with Android and IOS iPhone platforms for live streaming and wireless viewing of images and video;Video Mode records HD 1080P Video up to 30 fps and HD 720P up to 60 fps;Photo Mode records 12.0 MP images through a 135 degree lens and includes a continuous photo mode;Rechargeable Lithium Battery (built-in) lasts for approximately 1.5-2 hours in the HD Video Mode;

Great camera, equal to the gopro and a lot cheaper. It is good being able to use my ipad for viewing the views before starting recording.

I must have more money than sense. Nothing wrong with this camera. I have attached to my bike and watched the journey back after i had completed my ride. Totally boring but that is nothing to do with the camera which produces very good images. The only downside is the very and i mean very small screen.

I rarely give 5 stars for anything, but this has to get the top grade for sheer value for money – provided you pay less than £70 for it, it’s a bargain. It’s small, has a good battery life, simple to operate and takes good quality video. Pricing policy of some sellers is weird – some colours cost twice as much as others, but who cares what colour it is?downsides: it’s not a gopro in terms of image quality or functions available, but it comes very close at a quarter of the price. Here’s a link to my first effort with it http://youtu. Be/7mxotnfqvqc , it’s my first attempt at any video so no prizes for it, but it shows what the camera can do (be aware that youtube compresses and processes it so it may not look as good as the original video). The camera doesn’t seem to cope smoothly with transitions from bright to dark, the adjustments are a bit jerky but it does well. I’d like a range of shutter intervals for time lapse rather than the single value offered. Overall, it’s a great little camera to record those exciting moments, and you won’t be worrying about £300 worth of gear getting trashed when it all goes belly-up.

Liquid Image Ego HD 1080P WiFi Action Video Camera – Red : Ok, i have recently bought this action cam. I attended the gadget show live earlier this year and the go pro was there, and well that seems a great piece of kit. My mate has one and it does the job perfectly, however it is very expensive and i was actually going to buy one whilst there but the salesman was not interested so i didnt buy one in the end however. . As i was looking into an alternative my mate showed me this action cam and to say that i am impressed is an understatement, so far it seems to do the job really well. Admitedly i have not used it lots as i have been lazy and only been out on my bike a couple of times with it. My mate and i are going to compare his go pro with this next week hopefully so then i can do a proper review to compare it. Dislikes: not many mounting options, i have the body mount and it is a bit hit and miss trying to get it to sit were you want it, would be good if it had a tilt on the mount like the go pro. Likes: price £100+ cheaper than alternatives with similar specs. Well made and can even use the buttons with my gloves on. Will update the review when i have used it a bit more.

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