Interphone F5MC Single tooth Headset : Superb and completely waterproof Intercom

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When it works its great, but the one i have after 5 months has just packed in and all i get is distorted sound through the right earpiece – theres no water damage – i wonder if its a battery issue, as my colleague has the same issue and his battery has just been died. Ive written to get it replaced under the 2 year guarantee so hopefull will have a new one soon.

Using this for a few months now. I’m listening to music all ride long (approx half a day), also receiving a call or two and the battery handles it just fine for two rides. Which taking into account its size is more than good. Buttons are super easy to find with your glove on. And you get two microphones – for both full face and a flip-up helmets.

I wear glasses, and to get the speakers comfortable over my ears without restricting the room for the arms of the glasses i used a craft knife to cut away a little of the polystyrene inside my schuberth sr2 sport. The sound quality and ease of use is much better than i expected. The volume of the speakers goes high enough so that everything can be heard clearly. Music streaming from my iphone sounds good. The controller mounts on the helmet easily. It only takes a couple of rides to become familiar and comfortable with operating the controller with gloved hands. The operating system is well thought out and largely intuitive, assisted by appropriate voice prompts. Using siri on my phone i can even listen to text messages received, and reply to them; make notes (of people’s registration numbers :() and dictate reminders, as well as making and receiving phone calls. The only criticism i have is that the fm radio reception is patchy and rather unreliable. Haven’t tried it yet as an intercom, but i am expecting it to work well judging by the rest of the performance.

Definite improvement from the old f5, speech is clear and much faster to boot up and pair. Neat change is to charge through the auxiliary socket (f5 needed to be disconnected and led to water ingress eventually). Paired with the schuberth prosound set it seems awesome – just need to get out on the bike tomorrow for real life test.

Features of Interphone F5MC Single Bluetooth Headset


I wear ear plugs and can hear nav and radio up to 70/80. Above that not really loud enough and earbuds might be the way to go but then you are back to wires.

Bought it to replace a scala rider g9x as my friends had bought the f5mc. It’s works fine with my tomtom rider, iphone and get a good line of sight range but lacks the voice coommands and app setup scala have. First unit was sent back as the battery only lasted 2 hours but my friends batteries did last a lot longer. The anycomm and the ability to charge whilst using the unit is a great idea but only the four stars as i do prefer my scala.

Relatively easy to install and reasonable sound quality.

Interphone F5MC Solo Kit, 2 Year UK Warranty, NEW FEATURES – ANYCOM – Thanks to this innovative function, INTERPHONEF5MC can communicate with all intercom devices of different brands in full duplex mode, Multilingual, If your intercom friend goes out of range the F5MC automatically tries to reconnect.

Great intercom, fm radio is not the best.

Relatively simple to use – the radio reception isn’t as good as i had anticipated , but all other features ok, successfully paired with a sena sr10i enabling the use of pmr radio.

Managed to fit this to my caberg v2x carbon with ease. Nice slim speakers – velcro in and have never moved – and wiring just tucked under the lining and out of sight. Sound quality is pretty good – ac/dc cranked up when having a blat is the nuts up to about 65 mph. Then wind noise starts to compete. I guess it just depends on how wind proof your helmet is. For phone/sat nav use it is excellent. Haven`t tried the intercom yet but will be trying it on the north coast 500 in the spring – will update.

FUNCTIONAL FEATURES – Fits any type of helmets.

I spent quite a while trying to decide which bluetooth intercom to buy. I ended up purchasing the f5mc as it seemed to be a bargain considering newer units offered slight improvements but at almost double the cost. The installation probably took about 15 mins and wasn’t difficult at all. Luckily my lid already had cut outs for the speaks and mic so comfort wasn’t compromised. The speakers are quite thick so if your kid doesn’t have the cut outs then this may cause some discomfort. It’s been a real game changer being able to have a chat with friends while riding and being able to listen to music when i’m riding solo is nice too. I can’t seem to hear music or the intercom above about 60mph on a naked bike with no ear plugs, the noise level is probably my only gripe but it’s only a small one. Battery life gives me a weeks commuting without having to charge.

Great price at the time of purchase.

Great bit of kit, fits the helmet nicely so easy to use and very clear comms, fm radio quality isn’t the greatest but every other function is excellent would highly recommend these units in single or twin.

Yes its quite expensive but worth the money, east to fit and use.

I had the sena sh5h-fm before this which i thought was pretty darn good, right up to the point where a trip out in the rain and it was deader than a dodo and has never been revived. So, given these ones are supposedly 100% waterproof i went with this, i only passed my bike test in september and i have no intention of becoming a fair weather rider so i need something that can survive the wet and wild scottish weather. Well, having has some disgustingly wet, cold and miserable weather rides over the last couple of weeks i can now fairly confidently say that this thing is waterproof, 100%, absolutelya few things bug me, just seems like someone did not think before they coded when writing the firmware such as the fm radio you have to long press to cycle the preset stations and short press to search for the next station – it seems to me that it would make more sense to be able to quickly run through your pre-selected stations of interest. The buttons on it are at times very tricky to find with gloves, especially the centre button, and that can be very frustrating – say you are listening to music from your phone and you want to pause it you have to long press the centre button, but because its hard to locate you often half press it (short press instead of long) and that jumps to the intercom menu, now to get back to your music you have to find the down button, press three times, short press the middle and then long press the middle to resume playing. Does not sound like much but trust me if you miss press that middle button 3 times in a row you will be screaming blue murderfitting in the helmet is pretty straight forward, i used the stick on mount as it was fairly clear that the clamp type was just not going to cut the mustard on my caberg duke helmet, to be fair on my previous helmet with the sena i went with sticky mount, the clamp types just don’t seem to look right to me. The speakers are nice and thin so should not be much of a problem in all but the very tightest helmets, they are fitted in little round pouches with velcro hook on the back and supplied with loop pads. In the duke i removed the speaker from the pouches and, cut a slot in the helmet speaker recess foam inserts and slid the speakers into the slots before refitting in the lid, this put the speakers very close to my ears but still under a little padding so comfy and loud. The duke helmet is a flip front so i used the boom mic, i just unclipped the cheek pad and the hook velcro on the mic gripped the helmet liner without any loop so just popped the cheek pad bag onto its press studs and called it job done. I routed the wiring over the top of my head (under the helmet liner of course) rather than around the back as info on the interweb informed me you get better radio reception that way.

Could be better i suppose for lining them up but still works well.

Easy to use and great coverage :).

“really good product for the price”. After using a ptt 2 way radio on a previous motorbike tour, i wanted something a bit more up to date, wireless connection to phone and more features. The pro’s and cons of this product are:pro’s*descent rider-to-rider comms- the unit pairs with another interphone unit or other ‘anycom’ device. Once this is achieved, you can enable the conference bridge and start talking. Range is really by line of sight but even when separated by several hundred yards, we were able to have a conversation. Solid objects between units will have a big effect though, but still impressed. Re-connection is also automatic. *able to understand each other at speeds (up to national speed limits obviously ;)- very impressed here. The flat speaker pads are descent at projecting solid ranges of voice comms as well as music from the units fm rds radio or via streaming.

The very best price online anywhere , great product and fast delivery nothing else to add.

Spent a good few weeks checking the market for the right deal and interphone system for me , this is simple to set up, loud speakers , brilliant battery , fm signal is ok not the best so far, good quality set very happy.

The sound quality is very good and it was easy to install. System provides you with instructions as you set it up. I have not tried the communication with other riders so i cannot state how good or bad it is. The radio on the other hand could be better.

It’s easy to install and fairly easy to pair. Sound quality is good, but you do need to get the speakers in the right place for the best sound. Stated talk time is 12 hours, yeah right. The most i’ve got is 7 hours. So i sent it back and got a replacement, same 7 hours. On both units i cycled the batteries about 5 times and they still on lasted 7 hours. My pillion has the f4mc and that does last nearly 12 hours. I’ve sent the second one back and emailed interphone about this, they never got back to me. Might be a bad batch from the factory who knows.

Great to use long battery life and connected to other makes easy.

Product information

  • Brand Interphone
  • Model 010/INTF5MC
  • Item Weight 54.4 g
  • Product Dimensions 9 x 4.5 x 2 cm
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number 65090
  • Manufacturer Part Number 8018080204661
  • Folding No
  • Special Features Talk time up to 12 hours

This review is from : Interphone F5MC Single Bluetooth Headset

Bought this so that i can use it on a number of helmets by buying the mounting hardware separate as required. Used on a 3 day trip through scotland and the intercom was good for about 400m beyond that it did not work. This was ok tho as we were able to stay close for most of the trip. This is first time i have used the intercom feature and it was very useful. I have an n-com system but for a nolan helmet but when i bought an x-lite i found that i needed a different n-com system. Thus i decided to get a true universal system rather than chase n-com products.

This review is from : Interphone F5MC Single Bluetooth Headset

Bought this so that i can use it on a number of helmets by buying the mounting hardware separate as required. Used on a 3 day trip through scotland and the intercom was good for about 400m beyond that it did not work. This was ok tho as we were able to stay close for most of the trip. This is first time i have used the intercom feature and it was very useful. I have an n-com system but for a nolan helmet but when i bought an x-lite i found that i needed a different n-com system. Thus i decided to get a true universal system rather than chase n-com products.
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