iitrust Bluetooth Sports Headphones Wireless Earphones : Tangle-free, fuss-free headset that is comfortable to wear, with excellent sound quality and look great.

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We now have two pairs of these headphone and are super happy with the. They are light weight and comfortable in the ears. I’ve had other bluetooth in ear headphones which were far less comfortable and i couldn’t bare to have them in as long. Charging is quick and the battery lasts a good amount of time (i think i get about 4hrs per charge). Pairing is very quick and easy. Volume and sound quality is good. Better than expected for the price. I’ve had a few issues with the hands free microphone not picking up my voice very well, but i suspect that was more clothing choices and background noise interference more than a problem with the earphones. Customer services were very good, they replaced the second pair we bought after not receiving the ear bud accessory pack, without any fuss and very quickly. Overall, great value for money, comfortable and adequate sound quality for the gym, hands-free in the car, or casual tv watching while not disturbing your partner.

I have the red version of the headset, and it looks great. The thin flat cable is lightweight in a rich shade of red and long enough to hang from my ears and go round the back of my neck. I have realised the flat design is tangle-free, what a featurei got just over 7 hours continuous playing time for music before receiving the low battery warning, which is excellent; this was playing at a normal volume with the phone always in range of the bluetooth. I was not able to test the talk time for phone calls, though. The charge from flat to full only took 1 hr 10 minutes – way less than the product description. 5 hours continuous playing time the second time, i strayed further away from the phone and turned the volume higher for this test. The second charge took 1 hour 15 minutes. I have been comparing the sound with that of a good quality jvc corded headset and i cannot detect any noticeable difference. The sound is rich and clean with a good balance of treble and bass.

Since i have been writing reviews on amazon i have received some shockingly bad quality wireless ranging from poor quality control to just plain bad construction so my enthusiasm for good quality wireless earphones at a low price has all but evaporated so i am still on the hunt for the one that blows my mind and then this review chance came up and i figured i would give it a shot. I personally have an interested in this sort of item because i work in a fast paced job and to keep me focused on what i am going i like to listen to music however i can not have cables hanging down getting caught on boxes yanking the pods from my ears every 5 minutes so wireless ones come in really handy for me. This arrived in the usual cardboard box with and inside the box, you get the earpods, a micro usb cable for charging the pods as well as a bag full of different style earpods covers and the instructions and that is all. My first impression of these earpods is that the construction feels extremely different to the cheap imitations i am used to seeing and actually feels really well constructed with a nice shiny chrome casing that actually feels quite premium to the touch this is something i am not used to considering most of the headphones i get in this price range are normally constructed with cheap components but these definitely do not feel cheap so far. The next feature i like is the fact the pods are magnetized which is again not something i have found regularly when it comes to earpods in this price range. Inside the box you get a bag of extra earpods which is common for headphones in this price range but you don’t normally get a fairly big selection included normally its 1-2 but in this you get at least 4-5 different size pods so you are completely covered should the standard ones that come attached not fit properly i am confident you can find a size to fit perfectly fine for me. I choose the ones with the pointed top tips that grip my ear much better and they fit very comfortably now. The controls that are built onto these earpods are actually very good you get a volume up and down button plus a play button as well as an answer call button meaning you can answer your calls on it thanks to the built-in microphone and i have to say the calls sound really good through the speakers with the microphone clarity being really good too. These headphones also have a multi-function feature too which allows you to connect 2 devices at the same time so if you are using a tablet and you want your phone connected to for phone calls you can do that without needing to change the paired devices this is a feature i have personally used many times so far and i find it amazing. You will also get better sound quality through these headphones thanks to them using the new and updated bluetooth 4.

It worked perfectly well for 1 month then without an obvious reason, it was defunct.

Features of Bluetooth Sports Headphones Wireless Earphones for Running (Bluetooth 4.1) for Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Phones and Tablets

State-of-the-art Technology: Updated bluetooth 4.1 technology offers you amazing sound experience, better high quality connections and improved faster data transfer.

These bte in ear headphones use bluetooth to connect the headphones rather than the traditional wired approach. The headphones are very lightweight and easy to pair with a bluetooth device. The range is estimated to be about 10m and that seems about right. The headphones are charged via a usb to micro cable (cable but not charger provided). The manufacturer states up to 4. 5 hours listening time from each charge, however i found they lasted just over 3. Listening time does depend on a number of factors including the distance from the bluetooth device and the volume used so other users may get slight different results. The headphones take approximately 120 minutes to fully charge. The headphones look good; red and black colour scheme works well, and the metal finish on the earpieces look great. Along with the headphones and carry case are additional ear buds to allow you to get a good fit.

 i was sent a free review sample of these earphones for me to try out. There is much to like about them. They have that typical kind of earphone packaging, which may seem a bit cheesy sometimes, but i still think it looks nice, though. The ear pieces themselves look great, though they are completely straight, which isn’t the right shape for ears, and consequently not as good a fit as ear pieces shaped more to anatomic correctness. Also, it makes telling left from right a bit harder until you learn which side the remote control goes on. The remote on the flat and therefore unlikely-to-tangle cable is chunky, with very tactile, easy to use buttons, yet not so heavy it adds any kind of discomfort to your ear. So, before i say anything more about it, what’s not to like?. Well, it does eat the beginning of tracks when you use the tracking buttons, the first second or so of the track simply not being played, which can be a bit annoying, though one could get used to it, and as you tend to play a continuous series or tracks rather than skipping tracks all the time, it’s not a big problem. What about handsfree or skype?.

So, these headphones actually have a pretty good sound for the price, no faults there. That’s the end of the good news. As the actual speaker housing is metal, they are quite heavy, which when added to the weight of the controls and battery housing means they kept slipping out of my ear. To be fair this is purely using the bud (with various sizes), not the complete in ear contraption. They are advertised as suitable for sports, vet even a gentle walk means they pop out, if you sit very still they might be ok………. Added to this, the connection via bluetooth is good, but does intermittently drop out for a fraction of second occasionally, even when just turning my head. All in all i can’t recommend these headphones, but for the price i wasn’t expecting perfection. They are ok, but just ok, for occasional use. They were delivered pretty quickly, so kudos to the retailer.

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I have tested over a dozen bluetooth earphones. This pair is good quality but the fit is not a secure as it should ideally be. The sound quality is very good. The range is good – as good or better than the other i have tested. They are magnetic, so the ends stick together when you take it out of your ears but want to keep it round your neck – a surprisingly convenient feature. The other features – ease of pairing and charging, use of controls, don’t need comment as they are standard for most brands. In my view the most important difference between the brands is the physical design of the earpiece. Most of them either get uncomfortable after a few minutes or tend to fall out.

Unique design: Ergonomic arc supports and different sizes of earbuds are desirable for sports; Fashionable metal design, soft silicone earbuds provide you comfortable experience while you are running, exercising, jogging, hiking, cycling, or climbing.

High Definition Sound: HD calls and HD stereo music.

Multi-function: The advanced multi-functional feature lets you connect 2 devices simultaneously so you can play with both your smartphone and tablet at the same time.

Product information

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 2.4 x 1.2 cm ; 36.3 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 59 g
  • Item model number: D026
  • ASIN: B0197Q59US

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