Garmin Camper 760LMT-D 7-inch Satellite Navigation : It is the best sat-nav I have owned

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Avtex tourer one sat nav (2017). Purchased this sat nav may 2017, had issues updating the maps, after 4 failed attempts i managed to update the unit via garmin express. First time i used the unit all seemed well, on the second occasion the screen went blank on me during my journey which was very frustrating. The unit did come back to life approximately 45 minutes later (by that time i had already reach my destination). I contacted capital outdoors who i purchased this unit from and they patched my through to avtex directly. The unit is being returned today (30/05/17) for investigation, i am expecting a branch new replacement as this unit failed in the first week (well within the 30 days, money back / replacement time). Waiting to see what avtex say, watch this space.

Great gps for the motorhome or caravan tourer with good route information. Maps are detailed and accurate. However, we don’t ever rely on vehicle data input to keep us off narrow country roads though. You must use your own driving knowledge, skill and judgement here. As always, with any good gps, it doesn’t replace common sense and good forward planning. I would always recommend planning your route in advance using garmin basecamp or mapsource. Your route(s) can then be easily downloaded onto the device. If you have the time you can then see your route in google earth for an overhead view of suspect roads, i. Narrow or winding country lanes. Compared to the cost of your motorhome or caravan this device is well worth the money.

An amazing device and works very well. Toured france for 3 weeks and it never let me down. It does however still want to take me down some roads that look a bit too narrow for my liking so it’s always a good idea not just to follow it blindly. The large screen is a major factor why i purchased this produce. It is very clear to read even in bright sunlight. Lifetime updates are also worth having. Here are the specifications for the Garmin Camper 760LMT-D 7-inch Satellite Navigation:

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  • Specialised satellite navigation for caravans and motorhomes with customisable routing and trip planning
  • Easy-to-read high-resolution touchscreen display with detailed junction views and Garmin real directions
  • Free lifetime map updates for the UK and full Europe
  • Includes camper specific directories (ASCI campsites and MHF) with search filter
  • Receive warnings for risk of grounding, lateral wind, narrow road, sharp curve, steep hill and tree overhang

It is the best sat-nav i have owned. This is a very good sat nav. I love the clear instructions, even down to the lane choice on a motorway. The one slight issue we have found is that it wanted to send us down a local road known to me as being too narrow for our 8. 8m concorde, even though we correctly set the size/length of our vehicle. Nevertheless, we knew it was not going to be 100% reliable for that having read reviews here previously. We are still happy with it, especially the size of the screen and volume of instructions.

Garmin camper 760lmt-d 7 inch satellite navigation. I was very impressed by this sat nav especially as it is my first sat nav. It does what it says it will do although sometimes the routes that it chooses aren’t always the most direct, but i think with all sat navs you have to mix the information they give with a bit of common sense. Also if you want to update the information you will need a memory card otherwise it runs out of memory. The only downside that i have noticed is that it doesn’t display the current time, something it is well capable of doing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good sat nav. but discount the motohome accessibility feature
  • Pricey but worth it
  • Great Sat nav with a few niggling narrow road routing glitches

Does what i wanted, and quite well. I use garmin for general aviation, so i literally do trust them with my life. Whilst my preference (for simplicity) is tom tom for the car, i needed something specific for my latest passion, a motorhome (chausson 514, 6m, 3. This does what is says on the box, does it well and i have no complaints so far. The traffic updates aren’t as good as with my tom tom (sim connected) but are adequate. On the plus side, nice mountings (choice of windscreen or fixed – both supplied)on the downside, not as user friendly as the tt products, takes an age to set up out of the box (updating about 20 times) and rather expensive for what it is. As for speedcams (‘safety cams’), nobody mentioned you have to buy that separatelyi note that some have been critical of the unit, and i was advised by a trucker acquaintance to bear in mind that it is actually a derivative of garmin’s ‘dezl’ professional range for truckers and (american) rvs, and i was recommended to set the weight limit slightly higher than the 3. 8t’ motorhome is now directed down hgv routes, otherwise it reverts to the default car/light van profile (whatever your settings)early days yet, but i would recommend it provided it is used for the purpose for which it was intended – heavy vehicles – hence the name ‘camper’. Lightweight european style towed caravans and other family vehicles up to 3. 5t are not really supported it is as good as my tt gps, but the low bridge and country lanes are avoided very effectively. As my trucker friend says, ‘read the manual first’.

Brilliant, i have only used it a few times, but easy to set up, you have to put length and width of your car and same for you unit. . Once that’s in away you go. . You can rename it and talk to it whilst you are driving. This enables you to change your journey or find things like petrol stations shopping, attractions etc.

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