Braun KF550 Aroma Passion Filter Coffee maker : Not quite perfect

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Good but you will need to use more coffee. It works well and i think the filter to prevent scaling does make the coffee taste smoother. It is also very quick and keeps the coffee very hot. However these last two features are also disadvantages because the speed of coffee making means that the water runs through far too quickly (and there is no strength adjuster) so you will need to put a lot more coffee in if you want a reasonably strong cup. And because the hotplate is very hot, you end up with something tasting like instant coffee after 10 minutes or so. My previous machine, a krupps, made very good coffee but suffered the disadvantage, reported elsewhere, that after about a year it developed a fatal leak – tamper proof screws down a narrow hole meant it was too much bother trying to repair it.

It does what it says on the box; makes good coffee, keeps it warm between cups and doesn’t dribble unless you rush the pouring from the jug. I won’t repeat jonty h campbells review below, but suffice to say he is spot on. Additional shortcomings of the design include the fact that the water gauge is on the opposite side to the swing out of the filter holder. This means that if you want to place the long side against a wall you cannot see the water gauge (because you cannot block the filter holder access), doh. The measuring graduations on the jug don’t coincide with the gauge, ok so long as you only ever use one or other as your guide. If you are ever in the us the plug in water filters are half the uk price. I firstly bought a cheapy coffee maker from argos, and promptly took it straight back. The braun is 100% better than the £9.

Braun kf550 aroma passion filter coffee maker. Braun kf550 aroma passion filter coffee makerif you prefer ordinary filter coffee to cappuchino or espresso, then this machine is for you. It is simple to use, easy to clean, very well made (not that cheap and nasty plastic some manufacturers use) and very, very fast. The machine has no gadgets and no frills, it’s just a plain and honest coffeemaker. This is now my second braun aroma passion machine. I bought the first one on a trip to germany and it lasted for nearly 15 years, brewing coffee at least 5 times daily. The reliability is just staggering. And this new, updated model even comes with a britta water filter built in. Here are the specifications for the Braun KF550 Aroma Passion Filter Coffee maker:

  • Number of cups: 10
  • Fast brewing system delivering premium aroma
  • Water filtration system for optimal taste
  • One free special Brita water filter included
  • Automatic switch off after two hours
  • Open, non-slipping handle
  • Easy pouring
  • Filter release system for convenient handling
  • Pivoting filter basket with overflow protection
  • Take-out filter basket for easy filling
  • Large, visible pilot light
  • Water level indicator

Bought this machine 3 years ago and use it every day. Simple, top quality machine.

I have bought numerous filter coffee makers in the past, from the very cheap to very expensive, and the jug on the vast majority is always a disaster. You always seem to need to mop up the worktop as well as the cup because they always drip, no matter how carefully and slowly you pour the coffee, but the braun kf550 aroma passion filter coffee maker is superb. It pours perfectly on every occasion and keeps the remaining coffee very hot.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not quite perfect
  • Excellent coffee maker
  • Top Notch Machine

This is my second braun coffee filter maker and the previous one we have used daily for years and years. We only drink filter coffee so our machine is a ‘work-horse’, can’t stand that instant stuff. I had a smashing time and therefore had to replace the jug on my previous machine which proved easy to get. So i now have a spare one for the new machine. I would certainly recommend this machine and i would buy it again. I hope braun do not change the design, this one suits my kitchen. On the downside:my husdand does not like his coffee too hot and i therefore pour out his cup immediately the water has filtered. I like mine to stand for a few minutes which brings it up to my temperature. Two friends who like it piping hot (takes the skin off the roof of your mouth) i have to give their coffee an extra blast in the microwave.

Closebut no cigar: the braun kf550 series. I bought *this* braun kf550 aromapassion filter coffee machine in 2003 to replace my old braun ‘flavorselect’ model,which i ‘freecycled’. ) it’s the one that appears in some hollywood films including ‘one fine day’ with michelle pfeiffer and george clooney – pfeiffer uses a black one in her apartment (though mine was white. ) i also saw it in the sopranosalternatively, use the cheaper option of a manual filter: melitta coffee filter cone 1×4 (black) though the results won’t be as good unless the hot water is kept at a uniform 93 deg. C, which is where a filter machine comes in, or, as we shall see in a moment, should come in. The kf550 has given solid trouble-free every other day service since 2003, until i broke the (no longer available) carafe in 2008. :-/it has a removable water filter and micro-mesh nylon permanent washable filter basket cone – use your own water filter jug as the braun slot-in replacements are dear.

Coffee, Tea & Espresso
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I bought this for my coffee loving brother last christmas, to say he loves it would be an under statement. He uses it daily and says he couldn’t live without it now. I am very pleased with this coffee machine, so easy to use, no mess, great coffee, reasonably priced …