Portable Speakers

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III LED Desktop Wired Speaker System – Transparent, Amazing sound. Precision clarity almost too precise ie you

At less than £100, a serious bargain. I bought these to replace a speaker system that i’ve had attached to my computer, now replaced with apple macbook pro and monitor. The moment i switched it on i knew this was a massive improvement and in a completely different league to …

Electric Citrus Juicers

Duronic JE6SR 100W Powerful Citrus Press Juicer / Juice Squeezer Extractor, Highly recommended juicer.

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttt. Im using this right now i loveeeeeeeeeee it i have recommended it to so many pepople its a good price a reallllyyy good price for what it does defo buy it. This machine is easy to operate, easy to clean and it is quiet, yet obviously has a …

LED Bulbs

Philips Hue and Colour Ambience Wireless Lighting LED Starter Kit : great product with the options to also customise colours with

Excellent addition to smart home. I have these practically all over my house now – probably to the bewilderment of the neighbours. With third party apps and a hue bridge (purchase separately or in a starter set) it’s possible to turn your house into a riot of colour changing. The …

Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

GoPro Hero 3 Edition Camcorder -, Would Be 5 Stars Except Battery Life

I bought my ‘white’ edition in walmart in the states ($200 not £200), just before learning to scuba dive and going zip-lining. With little experience i found it worked as advertised straight out of the box, without fault and without any problems whatsoever. I did later upgrade the firmware, via …

Hard Disk Drive

GoPro Hero 3 Camcorder – Edition, Hero 3 Black Edition

I purchased this camera on ‘black friday’ in late 2013 and made a massive saving. I’d already decided to buy the camera and the additional saving was a welcome bonus. All in all i am happy with the quality of the camera; it takes fantastic footage (i use it inside …

Electric Kettles

De’Longhi Icona KBO3001, I must have a different kettle!

I bought this kettle to go with my new toaster and they both look great together. It’s a lovely kettle and looks fab. A quality, attractive kettle – at a price. . I wouldn’t normally consider paying this much for a kettle but it was a perfect match for our …

Manual Grinders

Hario 2X Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder : Very good Burr coffee grinder.

Very nice little coffee mill. It’s practical, sturdy, looks good and seems to be well made. Functional and simple with no frills and does the job. It has the advantage that the coffee is collected in a glass jar, which comes with a screw-down stopper. There’s no mess and you …

Complete Tripod Units

Manfrotto Befree Aluminium Travel Tripod, Great travel tripod

Stable, but it is not really when you set the middle bits all the way up. And also i dont like the plastic collars. I dont know how strong they are.This is a great stuff for travel in this price. I bought this tripod as i was looking for something …

High Definition

Nextbase iN-CAR CAM 402G Professional Car DVR Video Recorder, Have an eye test first!

I can say that the daylight video quality is very good. I was particularly impressed with the supplied software. Although i haven’t yet used this at night, i can say that the daylight video quality is very good. I was particularly impressed with the supplied software for windows/mac which, once …


Lenovo G500 15, After intense research, I picked the right laptop

I also found less than satsifactory that there were no instructions or any info to explain how to get things like word and etc. Reasonable price, but seller not helpful in changing my delivery address, i also found less than satsifactory that there were no instructions or any info to …