JBL Synchros S400BT Premium Wireless On-Ear tooth NFC Stereo Audio Headphones : Awesome sound from these

To start with i have to say, when you are having to this amount you are wanting for anything, it’s possible bass or treble or total range equality, and that implies its subjective, simply because absolutely everyone hears things a bit differently. Acquiring mentioned this, i certainly enjoy them. Just …

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Philips S1/00 Fidelio S1 High Fidelity In Ear Headphones : Better than apple earbud

Astonishingly very clear accurate sound, and super bass from this sort of small in ear headphones, with no remaining uneccessarily booming. Soundwise, this is the actual factor. Fantastic sound top quality for the money. I am listening a lot with audiophile gear about 10x additional costly than these earphones. Having …

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Etymotic Research Etymotic ER4-SR Studio Reference In-Ear Isolating Earphone, thought it was about time to invest in a great quality pair of earphones

I do not feel i can add a lot to the testimonials already posted. The earphones are, of program, wonderful. The sound is totally distinct, you can listen to anything across the vary. Bass is emphasised ample for me (i want to be equipped to hear almost everything and not …