Headphones & Earphones

Lofelt The Basslet – the watch-size subwoofer : but a very good addition to any music lovers

A truly great kickstarter child. . Absolutely awesome, i was rather skeptical when i backed it on kickstarter, but this is some kind of black magic. I only hope they would make a deal with a smartwatch company, like it is i can’t be bothered to wear it everyday as …

Foldable Headphones

Noontec 50mm Hammo Over-Ear HD Headphone, Not bad for the price

Thank you noontec for excellent headpones. Immediately after buying a established of noontec for myself, i realised my husband or wife would want a pair as i held getting mine had mysteriously disappeared. . I ordered the noontec hammo so we could distinguish the 2. And i was that content …